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 Travis County SMART Facility   

Contracting Agency 

 Main: (512) 854-3156

 Fax:    (512) 870-9350

Michael Sullivan has more than 19 years of experience in the field of criminal justice.
During his time in the field of Corrections, Michael has served in numerous positions, including Employment Specialist, Life Skills Coordinator, Monitor Supervisor, Assistant Facility Administrator, Facility Administrator and Vice President of Texas Operations while promoting through the ranks.
He has extensive experience in facility operations, staff management, contract compliance, auditing, program development, residential supervision and inpatient/outpatient therapeutic programs.
Michael's work experience has included management in both male/female halfway houses and community corrections, for county, state, and federal government agencies.
Mr. Sullivan currently is Facility Administrator of the Travis County SMART Facility.

     Michael Sullivan    /   CSG Facility Administrator

         Current 2017 Open Positions:  FT Residential Supervisor


SMART is a 116-bed substance abuse treatment program that provides residential treatment and continuing care services to offenders with substance abuse offenses or a history of chemical dependency. The program includes the SMART Re-Entry Court, a problem-solving court that supports the Continuing Care treatment.

In addition to substance abuse treatment and the SMART Re-Entry Court, SMART includes 3 essential components that research has shown to be essential to success:

  1. Continuing care,

  2. Intensive attention to anti-social thinking for high risk/case-control and limit setting offenders, and

  3. Family program that is designed to assist family members.


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