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Columbiana County Jail 

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Location: 8473County Home Road 
Lisbon, OH 44432

(330) 424-4065

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Warden: Kevin Duckworth


Kevin Duckworth has enjoyed a 30 plus year career in corrections beginning in 1987 in a correctional mental health unit and has covered every level of corrections from pretrial to maximum security.  Kevin has worked in both the Private and Public sectors. Kevin worked in the Private sector with CiviGenics and Community Education Centers from 1997 to 2015, holding such positions as Facility Director, State Director, Regional Director and Vice President.  Kevin Returned to Public sector in 2015 with The Oklahoma Department of Corrections where he held positions as Warden, State Director of Probation and Parole, Director of Rehabilitative Services and Chief of Training.  Kevin Retired from Oklahoma Department of Corrections in May of 2023. Kevin holds a BA and an MA in Criminal Justice, Certification as a Corrections Executive and Affiliated with numerous Industry organizations.

Facility Capacity: 200 Beds  

Contract Award Announcement: April 10, 2019 


Contracting Agency:
Columbiana County Sheriff Department
Sheriff: Brian McLaughlin
Phone: (330) 424-7255

Facility PREA Manager:
Bobbi Buckley
Phone: (330) 424-4065

PREA Hotline for females ONLY:

  The Christina House

  (330) 420-0036

PREA Hotline for males ONLY:

  County Helpline for males

  (330) 424-7767

Current Open Positions:

Full Time Correctional Officers

Part Time Correctional Officers

Contact Bobbi Buckley for more information at:

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