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The founders of Correctional Solutions Group, LLC have decades of experience operating Half-way House and Community Correctional Facilities.  We additionally have operated Humanitarian contracts for non offender populations such as serving the needs of Homeless Veterans.  


If you would like more information about how we can put our experience to work for your agency, please feel free to contact me direct.






         John R. Forren/MHA

         President and CEO  (903) 630-6291 

Community Corrections/

Re-Entry Services

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Experience       Compliance         Integrity         Excellence

Our Executive Staff managed the first privately contracted for-profit Bureau of Prisons halfway house in the United States and were among the first to do so for the State of California. We have operated community correctional centers for the Federal Bureau of Prisons, DOJ Community Relations Service, the State of California DOC, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, the North Carolina Department of Corrections and we currently operate the 116 bed SMART Community Correctional Facility for Travis County Probation in Austin, Texas.  The below represents some of the numerous projects we have managed:












Oakland, CA – BOP 

San Francisco, CA – BOP  

El Monte, CA - BOP
San Diego, CA – BOP  

Salt Lake City, UT – BOP 

Houston, TX – BOP  

Austin, TX – BOP 

Edinburg, TX – BOP

Brownsville, TX – BOP

Leavenworth, KS – BOP 

Santa Barbara, CA – BOP 

California Department of Corrections (CDOC)

Inglewood, CA – CDOC

Los Angeles, CA – CDOC 

San Francisco, CA – CDOC 

Santa Barbara, CA – CDOC State and County Pre-Release Centers

Durham, NC – North Carolina Department of Corrections

Los Angeles, CA – Community Relations Service 

SMART Program – Travis County, TX  

Beaumont, TX – Texas Department of Criminal Justice 


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