Correctional Solutions Group, LLC believes in the dignity of the person and the need for society to have alternatives for those who step outside of our lawful boundaries.

Our mission as a Team has always been to provide governmental agencies with efficient, cost-effective methods of housing, rehabilitating and transitioning offenders while maintaining respect for the offender and providing a rewarding experience for our employees.



Contract Award Announcement:2019

CSG is proud to announce the August 2019 Contract Award of the Lincoln County Detention Center.  (Carrizozo, NM)

Contract Start Date:  Nov. 1, 2019 

Lincoln County Detention Center  

Sheriff: Robert Shepperd  

Contract Start Date:  Nov. 1, 2019

Bed Capacity: 148 Beds

Contract Award Announcement:2019

Correctional Solutions Group, LLC is proud to announce the award of a new 6.5 year Jail Operations Contract from the  Columbiana County  Sheriff's Department /  Lisbon, Ohio

Columbiana County Jail 

Sheriff: Raymond Stone 

Contract Start Date:  July 1, 2019

Bed Capacity: 200 Beds

Contract Nursing LPN Position  

Starting at  $30.01 per hour 


Contract Physician- Medical Authority

$62,000 per year.  Salary listed includes any and all liability insurance policy/ endorsements necessary to perform these duties at the Lincoln County Detention Center. 

Flexible Hours averaging 2-4 hours per week with ability to take on-call Emergency call if warranted from Facility Health RN/ LPN's. 

Facility Cook Position

Starting at $18.66 per hour

Correctional Officer and Transport Officer

Starting at $ 18.66 per hour. 

Applications can be emailed to:

Carlos Morales /Warden

HR questions contact: 

Columbiana County Jail Employment Questions:

Main:  (903) 630-6291   Corporate Office Hours  9am-5:30pm CST       Fax:    (903) 598-7830       Mailing Address PO Box 7760 Tyler, TX 75711












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